ingame view of SilverLining

In my training of level design, we had to create a complete game in about 3-4 months, with a team of about 12 students made of level designers, of developers, 3D artists and musicians.

This project was presented before an audience of a couple hundreds of video games professionnal in may 2019 in Lyon.

To start this project, we had to write a full game design document. I wrote a large portion of this document, particularly the sections Mechanics, Game Design and Playtests, I have made all of the diagrams and most of the page layout.

Download the full GDD of SilverLining (PathWay is the old project name) in french : GDD.

The site of the game (in french) : link

The game

prototype of the map made in Unity with probuilder
topview of the final version of the map

SilverLining is an online real-time strategy game made for versus. We achieve to make a competitive experience.

The player can alter the structure of the map to allow its units to reach the opposite camp. He can block opposite units and open some paths to accelerate the progres of its units.

The player can’t control its units direclty. When he buys a units, it goes to the opposite camp on its own by the most direct route. The player can only control the flow of its units by contructings walls and slopes.

Statistical work

For this project, I am specifically in charge, amongst other things, of the playtests. We decided to improve our game using sets of objective data gathered ingame.

Data linked to some events are gathered and serialized in a JSON file for each game. Then, these data are processed in R, so they can be viewed in a Shiny app, that has a responsive interface

exemple of graphs made in our app

One pages

To coordinate the production of SilverLining, we took the decision to create some one pages with our design documents. This pages, made in InDesign, can be print to large sizes and we stick them to the wall of our room.

This format, illustrated and visually appealling, allows us to give all the important information to the team.
The following documents were made by me :

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