This level was made as an exercice for a level design lesson. The instructions where as follow :

  • create a map of San Antonio for the game The Crew
  • use 3 types of roads (large ones, small ones and dirt ones)
  • use a maximum of 60 crossroads (with 4 roads maximum)
  • divide the map in districts

Then, we had to create 3 circuits on our map.

Download the compete pdf detailling the maps (in french) : map.

The level

The districts


Circuit 1

The circuit 1 is completely on asphalt (except for the shortcuts). The player must go to high speed, make a few thight turns, and avoid traffic on the large roads.

Circuit 2

The circuit 2 is nearly completely on dirt roads. The player must master the dirt physics and achieve two jumps (one only is mandatory).

Circuit 3

The circuit 3 is a combination of asphalt and dirt. The player must optimize some really thight turns. He shouls also take the shortcuts and jumps harder to follow

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