There are two tracks for Trackmania Nations Forever, made with its editor, to match the officials tracks difficulty.

Download the maps : trackmania.

Blue – Endurance

The track is not really punitive : it is fairly uncommon that a player has to restart to finish it. The track is therefor easy to finish, but harder to optimize.

The main difficulty is the thight turn. The player has to make a drift or a wall hit to pass. Wall hit is an advanced skill that a blue player doesn’t necessarily know. The ghost of the gold medal can help him here.

The player can accelerate almost all the time. To optimize his trajectories, he must make some drifts at the right time.

This track is a 3 turns multilap

Red – Race

This track is pretty hard. Some jumps can only be achieved with the right speed. The optimization asks for some advanced skills. A true understanding of the speed of the car is mandatory to obtain the gold medal. Moreover, the player has to master the asphalt and the dirt to finish the track.

The main difficulty is the first jump, where the player must position the car in the right direction to land correctly.
Another difficulty is at the roll. The player must achieve a nice curve to transition smoothly to the next road.

The end of the track is less difficult, to avoid ruining some good runs right at the end.

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