This level was done for a lesson of level design. The instructions were to create again the first level of Super Mario Bros.

We were asked to describe why we choose to make the level that way.

Download of detailled pdf (in french) : mario.

Situation 1

This is at the beginning of the level.
This looks like the start of the original level of Super Mario Bros because it is already really good.
The first gomba forces the player to jump. By doing so, the player discovers the jump mechanic and, if he lands on the gomba, that he can kill them.
Moreover, he can discover that he can jump to hit under the blocs, and that there can be power-ups inside.

Situation 2

This is early in the level.
When he first meet the pipe, the player can discover that they can lead somewhere.
Because the player have already encountered gombas before, he may try to jump on the koopa. By doing so, he can discover what he can do with the koopas and theirs shell.

Situation 3

This is at the end of the level.
This is the climax of the level, and serves as a final test. The player must go through something a little harder that before in the level.
The player can use the blocs to avoid the ennemies with some precise jumps, or they can bother him when he tries to kill the ennemies.

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