This is a map for Counter-Strike : Global Offensive. It is made for the Wingman mode, which is 2v2 on small maps with only one bombsite.

It was entirely made by me with the Valve Hammer Editor and the assets of CS:GO.

Link to the steam page of the map, on the workshop : de_sardaigne.


The first step when i created the map was to think about the flow in the level. I made so that the players have several possibilities right at the beginning of a round.

The next image shows all the possible paths for each team (terrorists are red, counter-terrorists are blue).

I also tried to make a map that offers some varied gameplay, with more or less open zones.

Wallbangs and boosts

I also put some spots through wich the player can shoot (wallbangs). It adds some tension to some areas and can reward some thoughtfull players.

The next image shows the areas that are really thin (in green), and some that can be wallbanged but are a little more thick (in purple).

I also placed some boost spots on the map. At these locations, the players can jump on their teammates to a reach some paths on which they couldn’t go otherwise.

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