This is a board game we had to make with a team of 5 students for a lesson of game design. We had to use verticality and some uncommon pieces.

Mauvaise Pioche is a 4 players game made after an original idea of myself.

Download the pdf of the complete rules (in french) : rules.

The game

a game of Mauvaise Pioche

In Mauvaise Pioche, you play a dwarf that have to dig in a mine to obtain jewels.
The mine is made of 40 stratum piled up. At every turn, the players play some tools cards to draw of discard some stratums, to get jewels. At the end of the game, the player with the most jewels wins the game.

a stratum

The mine is made of stratums. Each of these has a particular type, which is indicated under the piece, but also on some of its sides. This is made so that each player can only see one side when they are piled up to form the mine and doesn’t know what some of the stratums are. Some tool cards can rotate the mine.

a tool card
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